I'm Rituraj, a Developer @Nagarro. founder of Maddyzone. JavaScript, Angular, Node.

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I’m Todd, a 26 year old front-end engineer from England, UK. I run Ultimate Angular (which just won “Best Angular product for Education” award!), teaching developers and teams how to become Angular experts through online courses.

Ultimate Angular focuses on the Angular 1.x and Angular 2 ecosystem, to get you from zero to hero in a few lunch breaks. I’m also a Developer Expert at Google, conference speaker and open source lover.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world speaking and teaching Angular and JavaScript. I’ve taught workshops for Google, Virgin Media, Salesforce, General Assembly employees and many more.

Co-created Conditionizr (.NET Magazine’s Open Source Project of the Year finalist), partnered with Intel and Rolling Stone to bring an HTML5 experience to life. Many other brands have recognised and used/shared my ideas/code: Rolling Stone, Intel, Adobe, NASA, HTML5 Hub, AppendTo, Google, Esquire, Microsoft/MSDN, Wired, Huffington Post, KitKat, Smashing Magazine, Net Magazine, TechPro.


Date Comments
18.03.2017 Drove a Ferrari 458, Audi R8 V10+, Lamborghini Aventador around Topgear’s circuit
16.03.2017 Opening keynote at NG-NL
13.01.2017 Visited Thailand for the first time
24.12.2016 Got engaged to Rachael!
08.12.2016 Visited Ghent, Belgium for the first time
22.11.2016 Ultimate Angular wins “Best Angular Product for Education”
28.09.2016 First AngularConnect talk
07.08.2016 Visited Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time
01.08.2016 Opening keynote presentation at AngularCamp
01.07.2016 Visited Barcelona, Spain for the first time
25.05.2016 Visited Copenhagen, Denmark for the first time
30.04.2016 First opening keynote presentation at Voxxed Ticino
29.04.2016 Visited Lugano, Switzerland for the first time
04.04.2016 Launched Ultimate Angular training courses
13.03.2016 15,000ft sky dive (video)
23.02.2016 Visited Austin, TX for the first time
22.02.2016 Joined Telerik as Developer Advocate
18.02.2016 First ever keynote presentation at ng-nl (Amsterdam, Holland)
29.12.2015 Visited Brussels, Belgium for the first time
13.10.2015 Angular workshop, Falsy Values (Warsaw, Poland)
12.10.2015 Angular: The Performance Parts (Warsaw, Poland) slides
12.10.2015 Visited Poland for the first time
07.10.2015 Angular: The Performance Parts (London, UK) slides
04.08.2015 Visited Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the first time
06.04.2015 New York Public Library use my Angular style-guide in v1.3 app migration
16.02.2015 Director of Web Development role at Mozio, Inc.
14.11.2014 Created and launched AngularAir, a hangout/podcast
28.10.2014 Visited Boston, USA for the first time
28.10.2014 Angular, the bridge between today and tomorrow’s web (Boston, USA): video
27.10.2014 Angular workshop, Future of Web Apps (Boston, USA)
22.10.2014 Name-dropped in ngEurope’s keynote by the Google team
30.11.2014 Angular, the bridge between today and tomorrow’s web (London, UK) slides
29.11.2014 Angular workshop, Future of Web Apps (London, UK)
25.06.2014 Attended Google I/O San Francisco
07.05.2014 Intel XDK interview at HTML5 Dev Conf
15.04.2014 Future of Web Design conference talk, Demystifying JavaScript: you don’t need jQuery
03.04.2014 Accepted by Google as a Google Developer Expert (GDE)
25.10.2013 Taught half-day Angular workshop at Google HQ: slides
22.10.2013 Toured Googleplex HQ campus
22.10.2013 Represented Intel at HTML5 Dev Conf in San Francisco evangelising the HTML5 Hub
21.10.2013 Visited San Francisco, USA for the first time
23.09.2013 Re-engineered Conditionizr 4 with 5 public APIs and architecture rewrite
15.09.2013 Launched FireShell to promote full end to end Sass/SCSS and Grunt workflow
09.09.2013 Developed Rolling Stone’s HTML5 experience as part of Intel’s HTML5 Hub
30.08.2013 KitKat.com Android launch used my JavaScript SVG script
08.07.2013 Partnered with Intel and HTML5 Hub, joined as founding contributor
06.03.2013 Finalist for .NET Magazine’s Open Source Project of the Year
17.12.2012 Launched Conditionizr with Mark Goodyear
17.11.2012 Pushed SVG usage on the web to raise awareness, led to great adoption and refinement
16.09.2012 Launched HTML5 Blank for WordPress, recognised by Adobe


Want to ask a general question? Either tweet me or use my GitHub AMA for anything longer.

I most likely will not respond to individual code queries due to the volume and time constraints, please defer to StackOverflow for your help (sorry)!

To chat to me about something else such as a JavaScript/Angular training, speaking or workshop event, please email me: todd[at]toddmotto[dotcom].


All code you see here is free to use however you see fit, however corresponding GitHub projects articles may mention usually have an MIT license.