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Learn Complete AngularJS in 5 Steps (Step 2 of 5)

As per my Previous article  you know How to start with AngularJS ? if you not don’t know then please first read my first article then come on this article by this you can easily understand this article .

Ok so what have you done ?

you know that how to apply AngularJS on pages .

What you will know after read this article ?

you will know a good understanding of Angular Module,$scope and  Controller.


In Model-View-Controller Structure model bind view to controller and controller to view **and same in AngularJS $scope **behave as a model .

 $scope bind view to controller and vice versa.

so it is use in Controller and view and we can access of $scope in our view and controller.

As like JavaScript we have two type variables.

  1.  local= local scope

  2.  global= global scope

as in AngularJS $scope are two type

  1. $scope= as we discuss

  2. $rootScope =you can use it also a global variable

$when $scope not find in a controller then it see in parent controller and if again not find then it see in $rootScope so it is the parent to all $scope variables in AngularJS.

[caption id=”attachment_893” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]scope and rootscope scope and rootscope[/caption]


By this we create a place where we make $scope and it is nested in this controller $scope.In Angular Module we can make any number of Controller and In Controller we can make any number of $scope.when we make controller in AngularJS then it is best practice to give their name like “yourname+Ctrl” like your controller name is parent **then it should be parentCtrl not parentController .you can make parentController** but Ctrl looks nice rest of them to you guys by which name you make it

Lets take a basic Example to clear this all things that how they work . In JS

//create a module
var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);

//create a Controller 
myApp.controller('BasicCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) {

//create a scope
 $scope.testText = 'Hello, Scope view Controller test.';


In HTML (behave as a View)

<div ng-app="myApp"><!-- set module so anular know here angular start with this module-->
    <div ng-controller="BasicCtrl"> <!-- here BasicCtrl call of myApp module -->
          <!-- this is the magic of $scope now here $scope.testText come .this is the $Scope which we can directly access in controller -->

For Live View

Now take a Example By which we clearly understand what is $scope and parent scope and $rootScope .


//create a module
var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);

// create a parent Controller
myApp.controller('ParentCtrl', function($scope) {
$scope.user = {name: "rituraj"};

// create a child Controller
myApp.controller('ChildCtrl', function($scope) {
$scope.changeName = function() {
$scope.user.name = "ravindra";

IN HTML(behave as view)

<div ng-app="myApp"><!-- set module so anular know here angular start with this module-->

<div ng-controller="ParentCtrl"><!-- called parent controller-->
<div ng-controller="ChildCtrl"><1-- called child controller -->
<input type="text" ng-model="user.name" placeholder="Name"></input>
<a ng-click="changeName()">Say hello</a><!-- by changeName , we are accessing parent scope see in js code -->

For Live View

Explanation– when we call changeName method then

  1. $scope see in first local scope then it can’t find user $scope

  2. then it search in parent scope then here it find user $scope

  3. so it changes $scope.user.name value if it not found in parent scope then it will find in $rootScope

SO it is all About module controller and $scope .

Soon i will write my next article Role of Directive in AngularJS.

The Demo repository is available on Git https://github.com/riturajratan/learn-complete-angularjs-in-5-steps.

form here download source code for demo or clone it like below

git clone https://github.com/riturajratan/learn-complete-angularjs-in-5-steps.git

please give your comments for your suggestion Thanks .

Rituraj Ratan

I'm Rituraj, a Developer @Nagarro. Founder of Maddyzone .