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JavaScript is like a potato

[dropcap] I [/dropcap] am working in this field from last 3 year and one thing which i have noticed is JavaScript .

This is amazing language for below reasons .


  • Use with any server side language(php,ASP.NET,Java,Python and …etc).

  • we need always this Client Side Language.

  • User Experience Improve By this .


These all Server Side  language behave as vegetables in this JavaScript play role as a Potato. By which when we mix potato in any vegetables then it increase the taste of vegetables .

But now potato Quality is Improved By jQuery  (Thanks John Resig to improve this Potato Quality Now everyone  make a good vegetables with any server side language by your improve potato jQuery :) )

Now i am using  jQuery Which provide more simplicity when  i work on JavaScript.

One More Great News JavaScript Potato Comes In market with new flavors  Like Angular JS,Backbone JS and.. etc

We can say these Flavors as Aloo Ka paratha(Potato paratha) they have their Unique Identity. they are use for Single Page Application. and use lot of role which makes Site in single page Application.

Its Depends on user choice how hey will use these parathas In their Site . Right Now i am eating Angular Paratha and i am seriously Enjoying it is very easy and very loving feature . Its Two Way data Binding Feature Is Awesome.

HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.   [_By Angular_](https://angularjs.org/)

For more Feature of Angular See here https://angularjs.org/  .

BackBone Paratha is also good  But as compare of Angular In angular we write some small code as compare of Backbone

Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing **models** with key-value binding and custom events, **collections** with a rich API of enumerable functions,**views** with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.        _by [Backbone](http://backbonejs.org/)_

But Our Field Is Too  Much Big Every day New technology Come But Thanks Douglas Crockford SirAddyosmani , John Resig and Many More Expert i always Follow your Articles and advices and suggestion and tasting these vegetables with your salt in JavaScript Potato :).** **

JavaScript is the Soul of Programming.

At Last  Heads Off To You JavaScript any Website Is Incomplete Without You. you are the soul of Programming :) .

Rituraj Ratan

I'm Rituraj, a Developer @Nagarro. Founder of Maddyzone .