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Detect Orientation Event

By JavaScript we can detect orientation event of mobile application that it is in landscape or portrait mode. In JavaScript window object has orientation property so we can get this property by window.orientation.

window orientation give four values

  1.  0      for Portrait mode

  2. 180  for  Portrait mode but Upside Down mode

  3. 90    for landscape  mode with CounterClockwise

  4. -90   for  landscape  mode with Clockwise

So values of 0 and 180 represent a landscape orientation and values of -90 and 90 represent portrait orientation .

let we create  a function getDeviceOrientation by which we can detect device orientation.

/** by this method we get orientation 
  * of device like mobile device 
  * and iOS(iPhone and iPad)
function getDeviceOrientation() {

    switch (window.orientation) {  
    case 0:  
        // Portrait Mode 
    case 180:  
        // Portrait Mode But (Upside-down)
    case -90:  
        // Landscape Mode with (Clockwise)
    case 90:  
        // Landscape Mode with  (Counterclockwise)

Now make it simple if we only detect landscape  and portrait mode not clockwise , counterclockwise and up and down mode.then we can use it like

function getDeviceOrientation() {
    if (Math.abs(window.orientation) === 90) {
        // Landscape Mode
    } else {
    	// Portrait Mode

So we have discussed that how we detect Orientation .Now How we get event to detect when Orientation of window change luckily in JavaScript onorientationchange event exist which is call when device is rotate. So on onorientationchange  we call function getDeviceOrientation

/** call getDeviceOrientation function 
  * when orientation change

window.onorientationchange = getDeviceOrientation;

//or can call by this way

window.addEventListener('orientationchange', getDeviceOrientation);

and call getDeviceOrientation()   on load to detect that what is orientation before rotate of device.

/** initial call to detect the
  * orientation of device before rotate

In jQuerymobile we can also get by orientationchange event  like this

/** here by event.orientation
  * we get landscape  or portrait
$( window ).on( "orientationchange", function( event ) {
  alert( "This device is in " + event.orientation + " mode!" );

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Rituraj Ratan

I'm Rituraj, a Developer @Nagarro. Founder of Maddyzone .