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Multiple window in vim

Many time when we do our development work then we need to work on more than 1 files at same time, then for this in Vim there is very great feature Multiple window. IN this post here i am describing that how to open close multiple window in vim and many more stuff.

This command will not run in insert and visual mode.It will work in command mode. for command mode press ESC key then write below

Let’s see

S.N. Command Work
1:e filenameedit another file
2:splitsplit window horizental
3:split filenamesplit window horizental and load another file
4ctrl-w up arrowmove cursor up a window
5ctrl-w ctrl-w move cursor to another window (cycle)
6ctrl-w ctrl-w 2 move cursor to 2(second) window
7ctrl-w_ maximize current window
8ctrl-w= make all equal size
910 ctrl-w+ increase window size by 10 lines
10:vsplit file vertical split
11:sview file same as split, but readonly
12:hide close current window
13:only keep only this window open
14:ls show current buffers
15:b 1 open buffer #1 in this window
16:q close current window
17:qa close all window
18:!q close current window without save file
19:!qa close all window without save

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Rituraj Ratan

I'm Rituraj, a Developer @Nagarro. Founder of Maddyzone .