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How to create facebook app

Many time we use facebook plugins like we use like box,sharing box,login with facebook and etc.For this we need  Facebook App ID And App Secret Here i am sharing that  how to make Facebook App and how to use in Facebook plugins.

Go to Developers section at Facebook

First we go to Developer section of Facebook then click on App Button then click on Create a new App. In My case i have create many app so it comes with Add a New App Don’t confuse with this.

If  you are login already in Facebook  then ok  Else you need to login to make App in Facebook

create a new app in facebook

Give your App Name and Choose App Category

Then  a New Popup will open like below In this Insert Display Name  and Choose Category 

Create APP ID In Facebook

Then After Click On **Create App ID **a popup will open to fill correct captcha image for security purpose  like below

security captcha in facebook App

 App Interface 

After this, App Interface will open like below in this by default setting Tab selected in this we need to add a Platform like below

App Interface for facebook App

Now a popup will open.In this click on Website as shown below because we are making app for website.You can choose any platform to your requirements.

choose platform in facebook App

Fill Platform Details

Now we will need to insert below details when we choose website platform

_**App Domain**_ = In this Domain Name come like_** (example.com)**_ without _**http**_ _**Contact Email **_= your email id _([email protected])_ _**Site URL**_ =http://example.com  (in this _**http** _must be necessary)

Enter Details on facebook App

Then click on save button .

Submit App and make it Live

Now click on Status and Review **then after click  on **yes button as shown right side see  below ,Then a popup will come to confirm to live the app .

status and review of facebook app and do it live

_**Hooray...... Our app is live now use anywhere **_

 Use APP ID Now Everywhere

Now Our APP is live. Now click on Dashboard and use App ID in Facebook plugins and many more.

Use your app id in dashboard section

Hope it is useful for you guys but if you feel anything, Please feel free to  give your comments and suggestion.

Rituraj Ratan

I'm Rituraj, a Developer @Nagarro. Founder of Maddyzone .